Royal Research Ship Sir David Attenborough

Artists impression of the new polar vessel RRS Sir David Attenborough.  Pic BAS/Cammell Laird

In late 2017 construction started on the new polar research vessel Sir David Attenborough.  This will be the largest ship built for the Natural Environment Research Council and operated by the British Antarctic Survey.

The vessel was launched in July 2018 and moved to a dry dock,  where the final construction and fitting out work will be completed. 

The bow section of the new ship,  May 2018.

The accommodation block is the final block to be fitted.  This will be carried out following the launch of the hull in July 2018.

The River Mersey has been dredged and a slipway has been constructed for the launch.

The stern section,  see in October 2017.  Since this picture was taken the hull has been moved 40m out of the shed to allow the bow to be fitted.

Construction on the aft deck of the vessel.

For more information and time lapse video of the construction,  visit the British Antarctic Survey page.