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Last updated: Tuesday, 09. February 2016 21:15 UTC   Local time GMT  -3

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                Latest Dartcom weather satellite image

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It has been another day of fog in the vicinity of the James Clark Ross,  although it did appear to lift a little late this afternoon.  Whilst it meant we could see a little further,  sadly the sky remained dull and overcast.  Fingers are crossed for some sunshine on Wednesday.

Today has seen us working with the Saga Sea,  a Norwegian fishing vessel that is fishing for krill in this area.  As part of their licence to fish,  for the fishery is regulated,  they provide a number of days of their time to research and have scientists on board.  This has involved the James Clark Ross following them as they do their survey work and we complement that with ours.  At times they could not be seen,  although they were about a mile and a half ahead of us.

With the fog there has been little wildlife to report and the short list at the bottom of the page is just what I have noticed when I have been looking out of the window.

Richard,  our Purser,  is normally on the other end of a camera lens and takes excellent pictures.  Here he is in his office typing up the menu for today,  which will be published via the link below.  The Cooks will send up a menu from the Galley late in the afternoon,  this is then typed up and copies are printed off to be display in the various Messes.

Richard, the Purser,  has a very good FaceBook page that he uses to show is photographs and for those looking for more images it is a good place to start.  Click HERE to see them.

A view from the Traction Winch Room.  The drum is the one used for the CTD and just above it is the spooling mechanism that ensures that the wire is neatly wound on the drum.

One of the two traction winches in the Traction Winch Room.  The purpose of the traction winch is to take the load,  so there is no weight on the drum.  The traction is provided by the way the wire is fed through the series of wheels.

This is the other side of the traction winch,  showing all the hydraulics that are used to drive the system.  When in use it is controlled from the Winch Control Room,  and the winches and drums are monitored via a CCTV system.

The final picture for today is of the CTD frame secured in the Water Bottle Annex,  with the garage door closed to protect it from the elements.  When one considers that this will go down to depths of thousands of metres,  it does not like being left out in the cold!

For those of you on Twitter,  I am now posting there from time to time using  gm0hcq as my id.

University of Coimbra Blog  This does have an English section.

The Daily Menu can be read HERE

The Navmet image


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Wildlife spotted today:

Cape petrel
Chinstrap penguin
Antarctic fur seal

Mike Gloistein
gm0hcq @ gm0hcq.com

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