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Last updated: Friday, 13. January 2017 20:51 UTC   Local time GMT  -3

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The James Clark Ross all fast alongside the Biscoe Wharf on Thursday evening.  Picture Richard Turner

With all cargo operations completed at Rothera the James Clark Ross slipped the Biscoe Wharf shortly after 14:00 and headed away from the base,  and then stopped!  The reason for stopping is that the ship has to carry out regular testing of the lifeboats and this can't be done when alongside.  With flat calm conditions it was the ideal opportunity to carry out this work.

Yesterday I showed a picture of a Twin Otter aircraft at the end of the runway,  today the Dash 7 was heading for Sky Blue (a blue ice runway that it can land on without the need for skiis) and here it is turning as the ship back-loads waste.

The weather has been lovely and the views stunning,  as they often are here at Rothera.

The ship will now begin the passage to Punta Arenas and is due to arrive on the morning of the 19th.  A full crew change will take place the next day and they will be in charge of the ship through to early May.

Another view from the ship,  looking aft this morning.

The mountains at the end of Ryder Bay.

  Another view looking aft from the ship.

Calm seas,  ideal for testing the lifeboats.

This is the last update from the trip.  In the coming days I will be packing away my camera and laptop.  

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