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Last updated: Tuesday, 30. September 2014 20:35 UTC   Local time GMT

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The James Clark Ross passed into HF Grid HN just before lunch and was only in it until mid-evening.  I made a point of being as active as possible whilst in this field and seem to have a good number of QSO's in the log.  Alas the ship will be in grid HM when I next operate.  I have checked the chart and our proposed track and it looks like we will be sticking to all the H grids until we reach South Georgia and then head west for the Falkland Islands and then on to Chile.  I will try,  in the above section,  to post twenty-four hours prior to the next grid entry,  so if you need a bit of warning then it will hopefully be here.  Also, you can see where we are from the ship's track, which updates hourly.

It has been another day of science on board,  with the two stations carried out as before.  This is the way it will continue for the remainder of the passage,  although I gather that there is some mooring work to be carried out at some point,  possibly to the north of the Equator.

Richard,  the best looking Purser in the fleet,  has recently stocked the bars with crisps,  chocolate and sweets for us all to purchase.  This is good and bad news,  as one thing that is often missed is the opportunity to pop to the corner shop and get a treat in the evening,  but on the downside is the ease with which it is available and one has to watch that not too much is consumed.  With the excellent food that is available there really is not need for these extras,  but they are jolly nice,  especially if watching a film in the evening.

Alas I have not had a chance to get out and take any pictures,  nor have a close look at those available on the network,  so apologies if the update this evening is brief,  but I have been busy on the radio during my spare time.  Hopefully  I will have a wander around tomorrow and see what I can find to snap.

Wildlife remains vague,  with one whale sighting and some dolphins.  Bird life now is virtually nil,  but as we get closer to the Azores this may well pick up.  The Azores is also well known for whale watching,  so we will have to keep a sharp eye open for sightings.

Further familiarisation for the ship's company has been taking place today,  along with some medical training by the Doctor.

The most important information from the ship,  the Daily Menu,  can be found HERE

A snap from our Underway Nav/Met Data screen.  This will be changed daily

Current HF Grid Square:   IN,  Next Grid Squares HN, HM  I will update the grids once we depart the Azores and work  out where we will be passing through.  .  HF conditions have been good and I am managing to do both CW and PSK31 during the course of the day.

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Richard Turner,  the Purser,  spent some time during his leave at South Georgia and has returned with some stunning winter photographs.  These can be viewed HERE

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