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Last updated: Saturday, 20. December 2014 23:30 UTC   Local time GMT  -3

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Saturday proved to be a much nicer day than we have had recently,  with it being dry and calm.    Work continued to prepare the ship for the next voyage,  south down the Antarctic Peninsula to Rothera Base.

I was undecided as to whether to take a walk into Stanley as at three this afternoon the view to the west looked like it might well start to rain heavily once again,  but as I have not been ashore for a good walk this call I decided to take a chance and have to say it was the right decision.

The James Clark Ross all fast alongside FIPASS this afternoon.

An Upland Goose and if you look really carefully in the grass you will see a chick.

Looking along the foreshore towards Stanley.  As you can see it is somewhat overcast,  although it was a bright day.

The walk into Stanley is always an interesting one with a good selection of wildlife to see.  Two Falkland Flightless Steamer Ducks.

It being summer in the Falkland Islands this is the perfect time for seeing families grow.  A Falkland Island Flightless Steamer Duck chick.

The Steamer Ducks are well coloured in for the foreshore.

Patagonian Crested Duck and family.

The view across Stanley Harbour,  from the centre of town.

Looking across to The Narrows.  Two Falkland Island registered fishing boats tied up at the FIC jetty.

Another view across the harbour.

A view of some of the houses in Stanley.  These overlook Stanley Harbour and have some really nice views.

The view from Stanley looking east towards FIPASS.

A Patagonian Crested Duck family.

Upland Goose and chicks.  Once again the chicks blend into the foreshore very well.

To the east of FIPASS is a new jetty that has been built for the oil industry.  Alongside at the moment is a heavy lift ship which has been discharging hardware that will be used for the drilling.

Final picture of the day is looking across Stanley Harbour from FIPASS.

By the time I had enjoyed a coffee and cake at one of the local cafes,  the sky had cleared up nicely and the return walk to the ship was lovely.  However by eight o'clock there was a shower of rain,  so my timing for my walk was perfect.

Saturday also saw the arrival of the final batch of personnel who are sailing with us from the Falklands.  As there is no science to be carried out on the passage south we don't have too many people on board,  but will be collecting some when we get to Rothera later in the week to carry out a small cruise  in the local area.  We will also be embarking a Dutch film crew as well.

The current plan is to depart from Stanley Harbour on Sunday afternoon and to steam around to Mare Harbour (which is fairly close to MPA) and then on Monday morning we will take bunkers from the Single Point Mooring (SPM) that is there.  Upon completion of bunkers the ship will head direct for Rothera,  arriving on the 27th.

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