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Last updated: Wednesday, 22. October 2014 20:03 UTC   Local time GMT  -2

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One of the more enjoyable aspects of the journey south from the UK is the flogging of the clocks,  with a total of four hours to be retarded as we work our way west and south.  Overnight we will change to GMT -2,  which, for most of us, will involve and extra hour in our bunks.

During this evening the James Clark Ross moved from Grid HG to HF and I hope to be active as and when my free time allows for those of you needing this one.

Wednesday has seen a number of interesting changes,  all indicating that we are leaving  the Tropics and heading for the South Atlantic.  The temperature today has dropped by about five or six degrees,  the sea has been a very moody grey colour and we have had the company of our first albatross of the season.  Alas by the time I got my camera out,  it had wandered off.  As it was a young wandering albatross this seems very fitting.  Also with us during today have been a number of white-chinned petrels.

The Doctor,  Emma,  is with us as far as South Georgia.  When we arrive she will leave the ship to spend the next year or so on the base,  enjoying the delights that the island has to offer.  The base is fairly small and as such does not have the luxury of a cook.  The base personnel take turns to do the cooking each day and Emma has been spending time in the Galley to get some ideas for her time ashore.

Second Cook Colin with a nice batch of fresh rolls.  The ship has fresh baked bread every day..  Picture Emma Browne.

It looks worse  than it actually is.  The sea state is not too bad but we are pitching and rolling a little more than we have seen for some time,  shipping water over the Forecastle from time to time.

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A snap from our Underway Nav/Met Data screen.  This will be changed daily

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