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Last updated: Wednesday, 29. October 2014 21:27 UTC   Local time GMT  -2

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The science work is coming to a close and our ETA for Stanley,  Falkland Islands,  is now Sunday morning.

Today we were joined by some giant petrels,  rather prehistoric looking birds.  I was watching them gliding around the back of the ship this afternoon,  just as majestically as the wandering albatross,  and am convinced that they were just having fun and flying purely for the joy of it,  wheeling back and forth and from time to time making a close pass to the Bridge,  with that beady eye having a good look at what was going on.

The weather has remained calm throughout the period,  although the swell that is present does from time to time make the ship roll a bit more that one expects.  We have also been enjoying the delights of fog for most of the day.  This morning a pod of pilot whales were sighted but alas it was a very brief visit.

A wandering albatross with his wingtip just above the sea.

Everyone is looking forward to arriving in the Falkland Islands and getting off the ship to stretch the legs and enjoy the delights that Stanley has to offer.  Fresh fruit and veg will be a most welcome sight as this far into the trip there is very little left,  although the cooks are doing an excellent job of keeping us very well fed with a great variety of food.

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A snap from our Underway Nav/Met Data screen.  This will be changed daily

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